Click HERE to pay your 5th grade fee and purchase your yearbook ad.


Extra Special Excursions 

WE are so excited our 5th graders get to enjoy T Bar M together! T Bar M (in New Braunfels) is a camp that provides a day-long field trip for the students. Students enjoy ropes courses and group games that encourage teamwork, cooperation and trust. Buses leave by 8:15 and return at 5:00pm. No parent chaperones will be needed for this fun day. More information & exact date coming soon. Thank you in advance for helping make this day fabulous and extra special for our 5th grade students and teachers! (NOTE: 5th graders pay BOTH 5th grade field trip fee + 5th Fun Fee, which includes Excursion, t-shirt, and several other items!)


Important Dates 

October 7th - Fifth Grade Yearbook Ads Due!

October 12th - Howdy Parade!! 

T Bar M Excursion - More Info Coming Soon!!


Fifth Grade Experience Fee 

Our 5th graders have a very special year ahead! They will participate in the Howdy Parade, take awesome field trips including T Bar M, participate in a graduation ceremony and celebrate with a pool party! In order to cover the costs associated with these fun events, there is a 5th grade fee of $125 for all 5th grade WE students. This one-time fee can be paid through Mule Market HERE - it will include the 5th grade t-shirt and provide access to all events. There will be no other fundraising related to these activities this year. For any questions or to pay by cash/check, please contact Tonya Embrey, Lela Muzquiz, or Gina Dosser.


5th Grade T-shirt

5th grade t-shirts are included with your Fifth Grade Experience Fee, and will be distributed before the Howdy Parade. They should be worn on all 5th grade field trips and other fun events. Questions? Contact Lissa Mitchell or Camille Chamberlain


Howdy Night Parade

All Woodridge 5th Graders are invited to walk in the Howdy Night Parade on October 12th! This is an Alamo Heights homecoming tradition, and if you have you questions, please contact Jennifer Jones


Yearbook & 5th Grade Yearbook Ads 

Pre-order your yearbooks now to preserve your child’s 5th grade memories for $40 through Mule Market. 


Want to commemorate your child's 5th grade experience? Order HERE.  1/4-page and 1/8-page ads will appear in the back of the yearbook and each ad includes 1-2 photos of your student and a special message from you, the parent or guardian.  Your message should be 25-30 words in length including the salutation. Photos should be appropriately sized (high resolution) for printing (1MB or larger in size preferably). If you submit a low-resolution photo, the photo will print grainy. Ads are due October 7, 2022!


Once you have purchased your ad through Mule Market, please fill out this form to submit your pictures and message. Habla español? Rellene este breve formulario

Questions about 5th grade ads?  Email Jenny Fuchs!!


Variety Show 

All 5th graders are invited to try out in the spring for this variety show, either solo or in a small group (skits, singing, piano, dance, puppet show, or anything creative). More information will be sent home at a later date. 


Now and Then Photos 

Parents are asked to provide a picture of their child when they were younger and a current picture. These pictures are shown side by side on a large screen at the Graduation Ceremony as each child walks across the stage. Watch for a form asking for these photos in March. They are due April 27..


5th Grade Video 

Pictures taken throughout the past five school years are put together with music and made into a video to be shown at the Graduation Ceremony. A permission slip will be sent home at the beginning of the year to give permission for your child’s picture to appear in the video. The permission slip must be signed to be included in the video. 


Graduation Ceremony 

A Graduation Ceremony will be held in the Woodridge Auditorium. Prior to the ceremony, students will parade throughout the school one last time after morning announcements. Parents are invited to attend the Graduation Ceremony.  


End of Year Pool Party 

Following the ceremony students will enjoy a private pool party at the Alamo Heights Pool.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer at the pool party. Contact Emily King, Leslie Mullins, or Libby McKelvain with any questions.


Your 5th Grade Fun Co-Chairs are Lela Muzquiz and Gina Dosser; don't hesitate to reach out for questions or more information!!



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