Woodridge Parent Teacher Organization


School Supplies Co-Chairs

Ellen Nicholas

Marisa Peterson


Mule Market Co-Chairs

Lissa Mitchell

Camille Chamberlain


Website and Online Sales Chair

Meredith Michelson


Carnival Co-Chairs

Katie Toppin

Emily King


Homeroom Parent Coordinator

Mara Mauzé


Book Fair Co-Chairs

Ann Guerrero

Libby McKelvain 

Jennifer Jones

Shannon Kingman


PTO Memberships Chair

Meredith Michelson


Papa John's Pizza Delivery Chair

Amanda McWilliams


Community Fundraiser Chair 

Jamie Kimball


Art To Remember Co-Chairs

Amy Willcox

Elizabeth Wirth

Molly Shirley


Bike Rodeo Co-Chairs

Marisa Ketchum

Brittany Bader


Dad's Club Chair



5th Grade Co-Chairs

K'Lee Skaug

Cindy Puchalski


Visiting Author Chair

Jessie Embrey


Valentine's Day Post Mistresses



Yearbook Co-Chairs

Elissa Sangster

Cindy Puchalski

Lissa Padilla


Heights Clothes Closet

K'Lee Skaug

Amanda McWilliams


Bilingual Parent Liaison 

Cindy Puchalski


 Staff Appreciation Chair

Elissa Sangster


Teacher Appreciation Chair

Virginia Powell


Snack Pak for Kids Chair

Katherine Gainey


 PTO Angels

Caroline Fly

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