2021-2022 Yearbooks






WE Yearbooks may be purchased throughout the school year until May of 2022. ORDER HERE. We encourage parents to keep a copy of their receipt as a reminder of this purchase since yearbooks do not arrive until the last week of school. 



Please download the ImageShare app and use the Woodridge Code: 113372 to upload photos throughout the year. When uploading, please mark each photo with your student’s name, their teacher, and what activity they are involved in while taking the photo. This will help the yearbook coordinators best represent our students in their many activities.


5th Grade Yearbook Ad 

Purchase a 5th grade Ad through Mule Market starting August 1. The 2 1/2” x 4” ads will appear in the back of the yearbook. Each ad includes 1-3 photos of your student and a special message from you, the parent or guardian.  Your message should be 25-30 words in length including the salutation. Photos should be appropriately sized (high resolution) for printing (1MB or larger in size preferably). If you submit a low resolution photo, the photo will print grainy. Ads are due October 15, 2021!


Once you have purchased your ad through Mule Market please send an email to Laurie Barnes with the following information:

  1. Email address
  2. Cell phone number
  3. Name (yours)
  4. Child’s name
  5. Message you would like to appear in 5th Grade Ad (limited to 25-30 words)
  6. Photo(s) to be included

Questions?  Email Laurie Barnes

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